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Gifts for your Healey


Jedi Warrior
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Boxes of Kilmartin pressings, but they are not making it under the tree!


Jedi Trainee
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What's under the tree for your Healey this year?

There is a 62 BN7 under the tree for me. She is the Red and White One, the Black One is my 61 BT7.

I am making a list of must haves for her for next Christmas, after the Mrs. has accepted her and forgiven the purchaser.

Healeys- resized.jpg


Jedi Warrior
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There is a 62 BN7 under the tree for me. ...

:censored: I told my wife to buy a small tree
A Healey won't fit under it ...

Some books this year to compensate :cry:


Jedi Trainee
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Hey Gang, I got the wife to buy me the mk III emblem from ah sphares . It was that or a new cylinder head. Guess which one she picked. She's a good women but something about her , just aint right. In case you're reading this Hon , I'm sorta joking. Have a great holiday guys,
Bobby R


Darth Vader
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A little jewelry is always appropriate. I thought that this was a particularly attractive grille badge:

These are great looking badges to have. I got mine from a guy who stopped by Starbucks to take a look at my Healey and told me that he had some stuff to get rid of and I met him a week later. He gave me the badge mounted in a shadow box and told me he had it on his "S" which he sold many years ago. I'm assuming it is an original and not repro Healey Drivers Cub badge. I guess is was a great Christmas present many years ago.


Jedi Knight
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Healey was more naughty than nice this year so other than another round of OD troubleshooting, maybe one of those side-view mirrors that mount to the side-screen mounting socket.
BTW, sweet badge. That one looks very original. I considered getting a badge bar, but was put off by the black plastic end-caps.
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