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getting ready for bodywork and paint


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just got the Bugeye back from the chemical stripper, and getting it cleaned and primed. sure looks like it's going to be a bi_ch getting paint in the "trunk"


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I'm in the same boat, will me getting mine back from blasting soon. Scared as heck!


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Roll it on!


Luke Skywalker
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That's likely why the inside top and part of the sides of the boot were never painted with anything but primer.


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Oh, I couldn't see the drain deflectors on floors in the photos.. I find it best to roll the car vertical for easy access to painting the rear....


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Not sure you need to go all that far but YMMV. POR 15 and no one will ever know other than you. There is only so much we can do to slow down the rust. There are many, many more things to do to get it back together. You want to drive it this year. Again my opinion. I'd rather drive than fix.


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my wording may have been misleading. i didn't cut out the trunk floor so it would be easier to prime, but figured it would be easier to replace than repair. project is a nut and bolt restoration so it's doubtful it will driven this year. thanks for all the input!!!
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