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TR6 Fuel Pump Kit for TR6


Great Pumpkin
I got this kit form a company in Weymouth, MA that I didn't even know existed until a few weeks ago. I found them by accident after searching for AC fuel pump kits and they make their own. I did a page for my web site about a year or more ago featuring the kits from TRF with some Micropolishing pump bodies. Those kits were good, but had no shaft and clips, no screens and no way to replace the shaft cup & seal at the bottom of the body without ruining the cup.

This kit has a nice thick seal to fit over the diaphragm shaft that will fit right into the lower pump body without worry of destroying the steel cup that holds the old flat style seal in place. They also use aircraft grade neoprene ti make the diaphragms that will withstand the fuels of today and the valves are their own design. The lever shaft with new clips as well as a new spring come with it too.

Then and Now Automotive

I have no financial interest in this company. I will be building a few new pumps that were polished by Jeff Schlemmer at Advanced Distributors as soon as I have a few hours to spare on the bench. Pics of those to follow.


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Great Pumpkin
This was the first chance that I've had to unwrap the pumps that Jeff sent me back in January. He really did a great job with everything. As soon as my house project is done, these will be the first project to come off of the benches.

Great job Jeff. It looks like he really has his polisher working well these days. https://www.advanceddistributors.com/

Oh, in the pictures below you can see where the black seal in my first set of pics will go in the center bottom of the lower body. It just fits right in there, over top of the older seal that you can see is worn.


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Luke Skywalker
Country flag
Wow. those are some fancy valves there. Is there a part number on that rebuild kit, by chance? Thanks, Paul....


Great Pumpkin
Now that was awful dumb on my part Kevin.

Part #AC0058 Price was $37.50.
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