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General TR FS2758 alternate - Door Pull Assembly


Luke Skywalker
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When rebuilding my TR4A door, I lost the fix nuts to hold the inside door pull in place, p/n FS2758. These are no longer available.

Folks have used rivnuts, or glued nuts in place. I found something that is closer to the original - and allows the nut to move about a bit for best alignment.

I found a similar cage nut at Fastenal, part number 11544402. These are a bit too large for the square holes in the Triumph door; too wide and too tall. I did not want to alter the Triumph sheet metal, so I modified the Fastenal cage nuts. Photos attached show, (1) the cage nut as received from Fastenal; (2) trimmed down in one direction; (3, 4) final trim - plus bend to get the "ears" closer together, and (5) nuts in place in the door.

When trimming the ears, I used a file to create an angle, so the caged nuts snap in easier, somewhat visible in the third photo. I removed the nut from the cage (by removing the tabs holding it in place), which allowed me to put a crease in the cage (photo 3) to get the ears close together. Working the nut back into the cage took some doing - fingers too fat, etc! "Snapping" the final assembly into the door is also a bit awkward - I did things out of order and already had the glass and window scrapers in place.

Hope this is useful! And hope my description makes sense...?? (No financial interest in Fastenal, other placed, e.g. Grainger, sell a similar product.)


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Luke Skywalker
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Thanks Madflyer. If there are better blind nuts, please post. I assume this thread won't get much visibility - except for folks like me looking for "FS2758" alternates. If people land here, would be great to see the options listed.
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