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TR6 FS -/ USA TR-6 OE michelin Redline 185-15 tires


Freshman Member
Original equipment US delivered 1970-76 TR-6 (68 250 - 69 also ?).

Not avalible or reproduced.

have 2 - $750 pair

or 400 each.

like new - kept in cool, dark storage.

expensive , but if you need them for that concours/show car.

other availible 185-15 michelins are $240-330 each (XAS, XVS. XVS-P) and are not OE.

again these are not made anymore.

contact me through messaging on this site . i will not be checking this post.


Great Pumpkin
Country flag
besides, Coker has them cheaper and don't think a judge will discount that much for wrong brand


This guy has also posted these tires on the TR Regester(UK)site.

So, I'll repeat what I said over there. Your not doing anyone any favors here. A Michelin redline would be donkey's years old and only an idiot or a truly uninformed buyer would express any interest.

This is dangerous business.


Jedi Knight
It really irrates me that this yahoo comes on the site and with his first and only post, tries to pawn some over priced crap. Posts like that should just be deleted.


Freshman Member
Whatever - there are what they are.

Posted them on British /TR forums- sections as thats what they are OE for.

Believe me or not - rubber is fine and plyable. So their as good as they ever were to start.

And Coker Redlines do not say Michelin on the side now do they.

I do restore all kinds of US and Euro cars.

And there are people in the world - who want OE tires JUST FOR DIPLAY purposes/show - i can garrentee you of that.

I run Goodyear Polyglas bias plys (old originals/ spacing on letters differant that repo's - even Goodyear slightly newer versions) on my restored 1969 L-78 Nova. Why - i can assure you it's not for handling ! Because their ORIGINAL .

Comments on FS ads on forums, really don't faze me on way or another. Unless the original poster has stated an incorrect application .I just look at most after comment that are negative with the attitude of why?

It somethings not for you , just move on.

It's only there for that person who might be looking - if no one is now . someone could be later. If never - that's fine also. Is it REALLY that bothersome to you.

I would really think most would have something better to do - than Bash.

If the Tire/tread design was not that great for handling originally . A person who would want OE redlines - that's not the reason they would have them anyway.

I can see a post about how the original design sucks - just as a heads up for any that do not know. But for the rest I would say - just move on and concentrate on something positive in your life.


Darth Vader
Hey ratbox, lighten up. Most of the people on this forum are not owners of "trailer queens" but drive cars that could be or will never be. The tires you are selling are great for a car that is only driven on and off a trailer, and for that I have no problem, but be clear that they are for show only. If you were a retailer and tried to sell them without a disclaimer as to their safety, you would soon be out of business.

Oh, an Basil offers a classified section, you should use that feature if you are not prepared for the discussion of the obvious safety issues expressed here.


Jedi Warrior
This forum is a community and if someone offers a potentially dangerous item for sale it will be commented on. Tire rubber ages and tires that old are not "as good as they ever were to start" they are unsafe and should not be driven on. For display they would be fine and if you choose to drive on them, go for it. People should know the risks however.
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