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front wheel bearings


Jedi Knight
new bearings are coming tomorrow. the old inner bearings came off with some persuasion. what is the process for installing new inner bearings? is it a pressure fit and are their special tools to do this? i am not a special tool guy and would prefer the handymans approach to the problem. i notice the old inner bearing has a plastic bearing retainer. any concerns there?


Luke Skywalker
Just be sure to drive the new bearing in straight.
Also the thrust sides face each other.
If the old bearings had a plastic retainer, they are the new not so good bearings.


Great Pumpkin
Country flag
Should not need to drive them on, tight fit yes but clean up spindle really well, maybe even a pit of fine paper, then clean really good, should be very snug but not need to drive on. just tap.


Jedi Knight
thanks for the advice. any reason to freeze the spindle to assist installation?


Great Pumpkin
Country flag
Oh no, just a real good clean up.
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