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Front Vertical links


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Another 69 GT6 question:
Is there any difference between the Right and Left front vertical links? To me they look exactly the same...I forgot to lable them when I took them off, actually I labeled but the labels fell off...duh!
The Vic Brit cataloge has them as different part numbers, but the two of mine are identical.
PS...Camero's are easier to work in than British cars!! As you can tell I've had a bad day...


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Not absolutely sure, but the thread for the trunnion might be different. Those are also sold as right and left. I had mine off, but left the tie rod levers on so I knew those had to go to the front.


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Jim, you hit the nail on the head! I had to replace both trunion's and they were labelled right and left..I know I put those on correctly! I guess I just lucked out and put the vertical links on correctly the first time.
Other than the thread they are identical..which of course, makes sense...
Thanks for the help!
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