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Front Coil Springs Removal


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I am starting a front end rebuild on my 1967 Midget. What kind of spring compressor is best to hold the front end up for disassembly? Are there any tricks I should know about?
no spring compressor; yes there are tricks. ;-)


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I have taken mine off and put them back on about 5 times in the last six months. I always take out two of the bolts and put in a really long bolt that is full threaded. Then take out the other two original bolts and then loosen the long threaded bolts which lets the spring down through the hole in the a-arm. I can take them off and put them on in about 5 mintues now. Especially if you use a floor jack to help you compress the spring and bracket up a little.


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Having read so many dire warnings of springs flying out to strike the unwary, I wrap and clamp a cable to the spring and A-arm.


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No compressor. no long bolts, no special tools.
I know the tricks too /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Jack up the car sort of high, remove the road wheels, Unbolt and support the calipers, don't let them hang by their hoses,
Unbolt the steering arms, or pop off the tie rod ends.
Now unbolt the top shock trunion nut, raise the trunion clear of the king pin and pivot the king pin down as far as possible.
Have a friend hold back on the body of the car, remember it's jacked up quite high, sit on the floor, place your foot on the car frame, grab the spring with your hand and pop it out. It goes back in with a kick of your foot.
As long as the A arm is as far down as possible, the spring has hardly any tension on it. But pulling it out by hand while bracing yourself against a jacked up light weight car could push the car off the stands, this is the only serious concern. I do this all the time. I have removed a spring in a parking lot due to a broken A arm this way, others have seen it.


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I tried what spritenut is suggesting just last week when I replaced my worn a-arms. The amount of force that would be needed to pull the spring out with the a-arm down as far as the spring would it go was too much. I was hoping I could just pop it out and back in but no luck, plus this way is a lot more work unless you were planning on taking all of your suspension apart.
I used the long bolt method last time, but it helps to have an air ratchet so that you don't wear out you arm.


Long bolt method and an air ratchet is ideal. I found using fine thread truck spring hanger bolts better than any long course thread bolts. Smoother on and off.


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Thanks very much..
I'll let you know how it works out...
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