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Floor pan replacement


Senior Member
Hey all,

My TR6 floor pans are rusted, so I bought new ones and started shopping around body shops for labor costs to cut out the rusty ones and weld in the new ones. I had NO IDEA it would be so expensive! Does 700.00 to 850.00 sound right when I'm providing the new pans and there is no carpet to remove? That is the approximate price I am getting from the people I am checking with. Perhaps this is standard, but I don't know.

Also, is this a repair that virtually any bodyshop can do or is it particularly difficult on a '6? Any advice would be appreciated.


Hey BC,
Changing out the floor pans on a TR6 is really a big job, in spite of some have suggested on the forum. There are some really important things to consider and it is very important that whoever does the job that he realize what he is doing. The price guesstimate that was given seems about right if the work is done to professonal standards.
My best advice to you is for you to Google some sites on the internet that talk about this project, preferably with photos, so that you can convey to whomever the body man what you want and what you expect. Understand that the floor pans on the TR6 are an integral part of the body structure, even though this is a body-on-frame car. The floor pans should be done one side at a time. The car should be jacked up so that the frame rests as if it were on the wheels. Jacking it in front of the rear axles will cause it to torque and will throw the body flex off. The aluminum brace that bolts to the floor pan and holds the dash is an important part of the body structure and helps prevent or lesten "cowl shake". Cutting out both floor pans at the same time will give you a potential for error. It is actually better to use a steel brace across the top of the A and B pillars for maximum stability. These are put in place with bolts when the door is removed. And, remember that is is best to run a continuous weld on all joints, not just tack weld. A lot of shops will use Clecos to hold the new pans in place for ideal placement. So, you see that properly done, it is worth a lot of money. Just make sure that whoever does the job has done these before, or is a darn good body man.
Good luck.

I have new floor pans in my garage begging me to install them. It is just something that I have to be ready for.




If you are referring to me commenting on the installation of floor panels as being easy, I think you should reread my post. I said that the welding part is easy. I did not comment on ease of the remainder of the job. I also did not suggest that the floors be tack welded. They were spot welded from the factory. I suggested spot welding or an alternative that would best duplicate a spot weld should one not be available.


All is good, Doug.
I think we both agree that the replacement of the floor pans is a task that should be left to a professional if the owner of the car is less than adroit at performing the task (I would fall in that second class). What appears to be a labour of love to one will turn out to be a nightmare to another if he doesn't possess the skills, tools or workspace to pull it off. My intention was not to lessen or take lightly your post but to emphasize how critical and important floor pan replacement can be, especially if one has to farm out the work to a shop. My experience with body shops has been hellish over the years. I have paid a lot of monies to only have to have the work redone or done by another shop. Professional mechanics can be just as difficult to find that will give the results that we pay them to do. Been through two (2) LBC "specialists" that have totally screwed me by charging $80/hour and have broken more than they have fixed. I have learned over the years to either do it myself or be very choosey about who works on my car. Thank goodness I have developed enough skill to repair my car to my standards that this is half the fun of owning it. My welding skills leave a lot to be desired at this point and I assumed that the professor was somewhere near or below my skill level because he is wanting to farm out the needed repairs. My emphasis on his educating himself on the desired results was to make certain that he gets what he pays for and not go through some of the mistakes that I have made by trusting just anybody.
Again, all is good.



Not a problem. I didn't intend to make the job to sound like a walk in the park. Floors are very critical.
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