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Fixing Rust



I'm about to get into some rust stabilization
prior to installing Crypty's new wool carpet
interior. This topic is appearing now in several
threads. After Bill nightmare with the red lead,
I started doing some research on rust and so did
some other folks here.

The product "Rust Bullet" was mentioned many times
in my own research and also here in the forum. This
appears to be a very viable rust stabilzation product.


They do not ship to Puerto Rico "because PR is not part
of the United States". So I called them and spoke to a
knowledgeable tech guy named Frank Frank@rustbullet.com

They have a dealer about ten miles from my house. Frank
said to tell everyone on the formus to e-mail him with any

Frank said the standard formula mix is just fine for general
use where it will not be seen. He said the automotive
formula is a thinner mix compounded so it can be spray gun
applied to outer body panels.

I'll try to pick some up next week, try it out, and report back. I have some mild rust on the rails the tranny cover sits upon. Need to correct it before the carper install.

Lets hope for positive results and no nightmares like poor
Doc Bill.



Jedi Warrior
I used the eastwood rust encapsulator. I have been really happy with it. The one caveat is I haven't had it on the car the yet, so I can't speak to the durability but it seems like it will hold up. At least it held up to the finger nail test and when I dropped it.

linky to site


Jedi Warrior
here is a link to a jeep board that discusses rust bullet and has a dealer that is answering a lot of questions.

He has a great idea on how to keep a gallon can good and usable for a long time.


WOW!! Impressive Q/A forum

Poor Doc Bill could saved a bunch of grey hairs
and hours of his time if he had know about Rust Bullet.

I am glad I took the time to research a different product
than Bill's.



Td- I'll try to take a photo over the weekend.
Floor pan is a gaping open hole. The side rails
that surround the tranny have only a small amount
of rust.

I intend to sand out the rust, Pos aicid it use
Rust Bullet over the whole rail.

Floor pan will require major removal, restoration
effort. /bcforum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/nopity.gif




Obi Wan
Fred Flintstone brakes! /bcforum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/lol.gif


Great Pumpkin
Dale, Isn't that an old picture? I thought that you fixed that way back when? I'm a little behind on the car status, but I thought that you posted some really nice pics of bonded in panels down there.

Oh yeah, you talked to a guy named "Frank Frank" in tech support?? What happened, was John John busy when you called in?


Obi Wan
marbel floor would be going with the Flinstone's theme right?


I could design, cut and install a fabulous marble
floor in far less time than it will take to install
new steel.

Paul, old photo but still exists in Crypty. I had
to install a temporary alum floor to support my feet
while trying to get Crypty operational.

Yes, I used epoxy ReziWeld and tek screws and painted
it nice. But it was a temp. fix. I ain't no DPO Pedro.



Jedi Trainee
TR6BILL said:
Dale, have you considered a marble floor. That would be unique.

I believe tradition demands the installation of a stolen highway speed limit sign.


I have used Eastwood Rust Converter followed by Rust Encapsulator (for the inside of fenders and hidden areas etc.). Pleased so far, but time will tell as to how well they hold up over the years.


Jedi Hopeful
Dale, after you cut out the area that needs to go, you might wire brush, then use Phosphoric Acid to eliminate all the rust before coating. You can buy it by the gallon in Home Depot or Paint Stores, (Benjamin Moore sells it, and Home Depot has a different label. Then wire brush again, and you should have a rust free weld zone. The phosphoric acid will convert all the iron oxide to iron phosphate, and not harm the parent steel/iron.
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