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Fibreglass body paint removal


Freshman Member

I am interested in your opinions on how to completely remove the paint on a 70's fibreglass bodied car.
The BEST way and not neccessarily the most commercially viable.

Also any useful links to DIY fibreglass body restos for a newbie would be appreciated.

Many Thanks

Darren James


Great Pumpkin
Country flag
Unfortunately, Darren, it's best to use a mechanical process. There are some chemical strippers out there (which don't turn 'glas to jelly!) but both the mess they make and time involved are a poor trade-off. 80-grit and elbow grease are the safest most efficient, IMO. Then patch any stress cracking, add a layer of the paper thin mat, contour with blocks and boards, epoxy prime, final block then finish... a long arduous process.

Bob Claffie

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A number of years ago I stripped a vintage Corvette down to the glass. I used a combination of stripper, a DA sander and single edge razor blades about equally. Stripper is messy as mentioned above and now not politically correct. DA is relatively fast but you must be careful not to press too hard and make waves. Razor blade was very effective as the car had a heavy coat of enamel in addition to the original paint, primer, etc. Bob


Darth Vader
DrEntropy said:
Then patch any stress cracking, add a layer of the paper thin mat... a long arduous process.
But when you're done it is as strong as the original and no bondo.

BTW...I like the woven cloth mats using the epoxy 'WEST SYSTEM' that boat builders use.

Some say that it creates a crack right next to the one you are repairing on account of the epoxy being many times stronger and inflexible.

Personally I like it because it isn't quite as toxic.

NEVER do any traditional repairs w/o a new 3M mask..
Your lungs will dissolve...I S&#t you not....

One hour in the garage unprotected and you will die!

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