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Faulty Indicator Repeaters



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When I bought my BJ8 7 years ago the dashboard indicator repeaters worked correctly intermittently. Now they both flash together everytime. I have checked and tightened all the connections and the end result was the flasher unit increased in speed of flashing. The flasher unit is a different Lucas model on these later cars. The early ones were a Type 4 and there is a diagram and complete description of how it works in the BMC workshop book but nothing about the later one apart from the Electrical Wiring Diagram showing a different layout on the later models. It appears to show the repeaters having a common earth through the middle, P, terminal on the flasher so I presume the connections and workings inside are different to the Type 4.

Does anyone know what the model number is of these later Lucas units which have spade terminals rather than screw. And any links to how they work and advice on fixing this issue would be appreciated to solve this longstanding issue.



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If both indicators--and, presumably, your turn signals--are flashing at a reasonable rate (appox. 1/s) then the problem isn't the flasher. The problem is most likely in the trafficator or its harness; possibly a couple wires have shorted together.
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