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TR4/4A Fan Ext rubbing Steering Rack


Freshman Member
67 TR4A - Fan extention is rubbing on the steering rack. Engine mounts and transmission mounts are good condition.
Has anyone else had this problem? Should make some shims to lift the engine alittle bit?


Jedi Knight
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I had that problem (back when I was running the stock extension). It actually machined a groove in the extension. Shimming it up a bit solved the problem, there may even be a part number for shims, but they are easy to make up.


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Do you have the round front mounts? I like the Powertune ones, seem a little stiffer but I don't know if it would solve your problem - but you could easily slot a couple of large washers and shim if you need to I think.


Freshman Member
I have the rectangular engine mounts, Yeap, the fan ext has a wear mark match the rack.
Will make some shimes to lift the engine.
Thanks for your support.


Jedi Trainee
The round mounts are thicker than the square ones. I switched to them to solve this exact problem. No shims were required with the round mounts.


Luke Skywalker
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The difference in thickness for the sets I ordered was negligible so I added slotted washers.


Jedi Warrior
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My fan extension was always within 1mm of the steering rack. When I replaced the round motor mounts I used the opportunity to insert a round differential mount washer under the mount to add clearance. It worked great. As an aside, I used the Power Tune HD motor mounts and was pleasantly shocked at the reduction in NVH from the engine. It drove like a new car.



Darth Vader
My fan extension was always within 1mm of the steering rack. When I replaced the round motor mounts I used the opportunity to insert a round differential mount washer under the mount to add clearance. It worked great.

Same here with regards to using the round differential mount washer as a shim.

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