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Failed State inspection-tie rod end..follow up


Senior Member
I had the shop put in a new steering rack assembly and new tie rods (inner) as they were worn out. Now the steering is tight and harder to turn. Is this something that will break in or is there an adjustment? thanks Jim


Jedi Trainee
My first thought is that the shop might not have re-installed the shim in the correct place to align the rack with the steering column. Check for the shim on the left side of the rack where it bolts to the cross-rail. If there is no shim, NOT GOOD.

Glen Byrns

tony barnhill

Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
Which way did they install them? Up or down?


Jedi Warrior
With the front of the car up in the air and the front suspension loaded (block or jackstand under the outer part of each lower a-arm) you should be able to turn the front wheels lock to lock with ONE finger.

If harder , then return to the "shop" tht did the install and have them correct.

Chances are the rack was not installed with the correct radial clocking in relation the the steering wheel shaft.


Great Pumpkin
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Or the vertical spindles are too snug, sigh.
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