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ebay beauty!

Paul Johnson

Jedi Warrior
This car is at Hyman's in St Louis. I generally get there about once a year. He is always friendly and willing to allow me to wander around the warehouse, and there are hundreds of mouth watering pieces in there. After an hour or so one gets into an overload situation and just leaves.


Nice ones...

Sabra's are interesting however I think that this example is over-priced, at least IMHO, one also has to factor in consumer demand for a car not just condition. But then I've found that many of the cars Hyman sells tend to be too pricey for what they are, much like many American classic car dealers.

There was one fellow nearby Toronto who owned (still owns it?) a Sabra roadster, last I heard he was trying to sell it, I only saw it once.

That LaDawri looks like it could be a really interesting car when fixed (beyond my abilities), but interests me more...


Sabra - the best Isreali sports car ever made-
- (& also the only one made).
There's one near Portland,Oregon that I saw
5-6 years ago.There's also a vintage racing Sabra
in the LA area.These both have the Ford Consul 4 cyl.

- Doug


Darth Vader
Sherlock said:
Nice ones...

There was one fellow nearby Toronto who owned (still owns it?) a Sabra roadster, last I heard he was trying to sell it, I only saw it once.


A friend of mine had one up until about 3 years ago, complete but needed some tlc. A guy came by one day and wondered if it was for sale so he sold it to him. He is presently restoring 2 E types.


Darth Vader
I don't know enough about these to comment on the "correctness" of the restoration but it sure is beautifully done. An AACA Senior award is no small honor.

Unfortunately for the owner this is probably a good example of restoration costs far exceeding the value of the result.



Was it this Sabra? Plus egg on my face... /bcforum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/blush.gif Turns out it was a coupe I saw, not a roadster



Agreed... One has to watch how much and/or how well you restore certain cars that aren't that valuable


Darth Vader
no it wasn't that one the one he had wasn't as clean as this one. I will call him tomorrow and see if it was a coupe or not

Angry Mustang

Hi this red beauty is really cool! I wish I could buy myself this one. So classy. But I guess it costs the insane amount of money.
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