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TR4/4A Early TR4 - Rear Brake Cylinder Installation



When I took the rear brake cylinders off the car the dust seals were not present (probably rotted out in the barn). My original Haynes appears to show the seal between the backplate and under the cylinder slide-in locking fittings. The Moss catalogue shows the seal over the top of those fittings. Which is correct? If it is over (per Moss) then the opposite end from the handbrake lever would appear to just flap in the wind.



Jedi Knight
Moss pic is right. I replaced the cylinders, spring plate, locking plate, distance piece, eight years ago so the memory is a little fuzzy. The dust cover kinda wraps over and locks into the back side of the distance piece plate by that triumph mysterious force of friction that they seem to get away with so well. make sure you install prior to hooking up the cable to the lever.


Jedi Knight
Forgot to tell you that when in the process of getting this back together just about seems impossible. Walk away and come back a half hour later and it seems to just all slide together.


Country flag
Harry is right on all counts. Dust cover will go on after you get the pieces together. As well as it is a major pain to put together.

Memory is also foggy, but I believe I had success by lubing up the wheel cylinder as well as spring and lock plates with the supplied brake lube, getting the spring and lock plates in first, then carefully driving on the distance washer with a soft drift. Seemed like it wouldn't work but with some slow and careful persuasion both sides worked out fine.


Luke Skywalker
I've always disliked these things. The design and installation seem silly to me and I always thought a "double pumper" with two hydraulic pistons pushing in opposite directions would work much more effectively. I wonder if there's anything out there that might work?


Andrew Mace

Staff member
Country flag
I've always disliked these things. The design and installation seem silly to me and I always thought a "double pumper" with two hydraulic pistons pushing in opposite directions would work much more effectively....

[/ QUOTE ]I understand what you're saying, Alan. But if you think about it, it's no worse than the single-piston, sliding brake calipers found in so many of the more modern cars to this day! It really does exactly the same thing as a double-piston cylinder would do (so long as the cylinder is lubricated properly so it is free to slide), and it's far simpler.
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