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E-Type Steering Column Adjustment


My 1965 E-Type coupe has always had the column adjusted all the way down and you can't loosen the large thing to adjust it. Been that way for 30 years. In the last year or so the column will now adjust up/down but I still can't loosen the thing that should tighten it back up.

Which way does this thing turn? I need to know before I get too rough with it to break it loose.

Also, it's got a "Racemark" 13" steering wheel on it, anybody have experience converting this back to a wooden wheel, ideally a 15" wooden?

Thanks, Vince

Marvin Gruber

Country flag
I just walked out to try mine to make sure I tell you the right thing. Left to loosen, Right to tighten. Biggest thing to convert back is getting the right hub and groove size to fit the shaft. Spray some penetrating oil down inside the big black hub and let it sit a while. Use something like a chain wrench( with good softeners) to give you some more leverage to turn the hub.



Finally bought a chain wrench, used it with some thick rags, but still would not loosen up. Actually slightly dented in the collar that rotates. I want to make sure I understand "turn right" versus "turn left". I am turning the collar counterclockwise when viewed from the driver's seat to loosen up the collar. Is this correct?


Great Pumpkin
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Yep. Same as the: "lefty loosey, righty tighty" rule. Go to a Home Depot and find CRC's 2-26... less harmful than most penetrants and no effect on electrical stuff.

Marvin Gruber

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It is possible that the hub is already turned to the left as far as it will go. Actually very likely since the wheel is sliding up and down. Try turning the hub to the right to see if it will move.

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