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drivers door adjustment


Jedi Warrior
A question about the door. The car has new sills installed a couple of yrs ago by the PO. The top of the driver door just rubs the B post when closing. There is maybe 1/8 - 3/16 inch at the door and A post. Is there any adjustment inside the door at the upper hinge to eliminate this rubbing??


Great Pumpkin
Country flag
Yep yep. door hinges.

Screws to A post move door up and down and in and out.

Screws to door move door back and forth.


Jedi Warrior
Thanks Jack,,, You have given me stuff to do tonight or tomorrow night.


Country flag
Yep yep. door hinges.

Screws to A post move door up and down and in and out.

Screws to door move door back and forth.
was looking for help with my driver side door not closing. this is an old post, but it helped my situation greatly. hope you are still around. God bless.


Country flag
Try removing the latch. Get door aligned with proper gaps and not rubbing anywhere. PS was easy peasy, DS is a bitch, I have top hinge in to far and bottom hinge out to far. Reversing that order is on my list to do. Once gaps are good reinstall the door latch. Latch has a bit of adjustment possible as well. And then I will go back and fix the paint.
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