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Drain Pipe Rear Main Bearing Cap BN2, remove?


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I will be dropping my 1956 BN2 oil pan and remember something on the forum about removing the drain pipe on the rear main bearing to help reduce oil leaking out main bearing. I believe the thought was without it there it would have less restriction letting oil drip out faster instead of leaking out of of main bearing into the bell housing. Does this make sense? Any thoughts on this? Thanks Marty


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I have cut them in half length wise to keep them above the sump oil level and any sloshing in the sump. This has helped with drain back problems. Good luck :encouragement:

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Removing that pipe dramatically reduced the oil leak from the rear main on my BN1. I would remove it without reservation. It provides a completely unncessary restriction for oil to drain back into the pan from the rear of the bearing. I have driven the car for thousands of miles since removing the tube and have not identified any negatives about the surgery. If you do remove it, be sure to check the hole to make sure it is clear of blobs of sealant or any other debris. The rear bearing needs a clean shot back into the pan to keep it drained.

Make sure all the crankcase vents are open as well. If you have lots of blowby, the crankcase pressure can be too high to let the rear main drain properly with or without the tube.
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