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Door check strap repair


Jedi Trainee
My BJ8 driver's side door check strap is non-op. The threads on the post holding the friction pad are stripped so the nut never tightens when opening the door. Are there any repair options or should I just look for another one?



Great Pumpkin
Country flag
Hi Mark, Common prblem to which there are two solutions: 1] Purchase a replacement or 2] replace the bolt with a new one spot welded in place.---Fwiw---Keoke


Jedi Trainee
Hey Keoke,
What size and thread pitch bolt works best? Are the friction pads the same for all model years?


Great Pumpkin
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I don't remember the pitch on the bolt take the nut and fit it up. Yes the disks on that type check strap are all the same.---Keoke

P.S. Sometimes you can cheat it ! If the threads are good at the top put washers under the nut so that it never reaches the bad part of the thread.-- /bcforum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/grin.gif


Jedi Trainee
I already cheated it once and it was cheated once before me. The first time, by the PO, was with washers. The second time I re-threaded the post with a slightly smaller metric thread. It lasted a couple of months but the metal on this stud is just too soft for the minimal bite the smaller metric threads had on it.

I will try the tack weld of a new stud. Thanks for the suggestion!


Hangtown Healey

Jedi Hopeful
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I will see if I can find the article I wrote. You must use coarse thread or the nut won't tighten in the limited travel a opening door gives you.
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