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General Tech Doomed to re-live.


Great Pumpkin
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M'lady's MGB suddenly quit running (luckily in the driveway) while at idle and refused to relight. I was fussing with Weber jetting. A sudden "no spark" condition. After some poking about I got "scientific" and broke out a 12V test light. Power at the coil input, naught from the breaker side. Pulled the dizzy out and swapped the condensor, spun up the engine. No Joy. Pulled the coil, and ohmed it. Tested FINE. I put the meter probes on the RIVETS for the test. Some should see where this is going, it is not uncommon.

The bloody rivet on the breaker side of the coil apparently was just loose enuff to allow some corrosion and wasn't making good contact. I've seen this on many other occasions with cars that have been thru the shop, have had it happen with the Tin Lotus back-when, too. I spent too much time fussing with pulling the distributor, coil, swapping parts, testing the coil with a meter. A simple "wiggle test" in the first place would have taken a few seconds... I'd forgotten the lesson learned many years ago. :madder:


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Some lessons need to be learned multiple times, Doc. Lordy knows I'm guilty of that. :grin:

Hey, at least you found the problem...


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Some lessons need to be learned multiple times, Doc. Lordy knows I'm guilty of that. :grin:

Hey, at least you found the problem...

Aren't we all! :encouragement:


Jedi Warrior
Thats a new one for me. Thanks for sharing.... lets see if i remember when to time comes :confusion:
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