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distributor cap warning


We just had to order a BJ-8 distributor cap for a cutomer and when it arrived ,two of the contact posts were installed so that the flat sides were not facing the center.We called Moss and had another one sent,it had one post installed off center and the center contact was jammed up,so it was useless too.We heard back from Moss that a pallet of new caps just arrived,they checked and the ones they inspected were the same way. The parts were made in China,this comes as no surprise to me.If you have a BJ-8,I recommend you wait until Moss gets this fixed and can supply a working cap,get one and put wires on it and test it to be sure there are no other issues,and order a few rotors too.Lately we have seen new rotors that were made w/ the contact blade too long,and it caused a new distributor cap to break.You can compare the old rotor to the new one and file the contact down,if needed.As of today,we are unable to find any other supplier w/ working dist. caps.If you know anyone who can supply them, please let us know.It is possible to use a Triumph cap,but you have to change the wires to the push on type.Caveat Emptor,Let the Buyer Beware.....
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