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didn't spot a 911 or a Javelin but did see a station wagon


Obi Wan
Country flag
I spotted the station wagon on the way home today. It was white, low and narrow and at first glance, head on, just noticing it out of the corner of my eye, my initial thought was Toyobaru. But then I looked at it straight on and knew it wasn't.

Then it turned left in front of me and I saw it in full profile and heard that wonderful sound of tearing silk. First time I've seen a Ferrari FF on the road. They look even better in person than in pix. Got'ta get me one of them before ski season (in my dreams).

Didn't see the 911 or Javelin yesterday.

Stopped at the market to pick up stuff for dinner and parked out front was a really nicely restored Porsche 912 with the license plate NT911NV.

Earlier in the day, over at In-N-Out Burger, there was a lime green AMX, a little rough around the edges but still looking very cool, with the license plate NTAJVLN.


Obi Wan
Country flag
Spotted the FF again last night. Pretty sure it was the same one, anyway. Doubt there are too many white FF's in the neighborhood.

It was parked outside our favorite local Mexican eatery. We went in and the only other diners looked more minivan than FF and sure enough, when they left the FF stayed. Maybe it was parked tucked in next to the restaurant to avoid being near shopping carts in the rest of the lot.

I did see/hear it roll out when we were leaving but I didn't see who got in.
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