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Dennis Welch Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kit


Freshman Member
Hi Guys,
does anyone have experience with the Rear Disc Conversion Kits offered on the market?
I am currently considering to upgrade my 3000 MK III Ph. 2. It seems to be a straight foreward project, but I heard horror stories...


Jedi Warrior
I have used the DW kit and it is not straighforward. It is a good kit and is only as good as the Jaguar calipers that they use. The e-brake is pretty bad and I have also heard this from some Jag guys. There are a number of modifications that you need to make to the flange of the axle housing, nothing that would prohibit you from changing back to drums at some point. The e-brake rods and parts need to be fabricated as they do not supply these. I had to have a machine shop do this for me as I do not have the equipment to make the parts.

Aside from that I am happy with the kit and the overall stopping ability of the car. I have it on a BJ7 with no servo assist and it stops very well. If I could only figure out how to get the e-brake to work well.

If you go that route, I do have a pair of Jag calipers that work with this kit that I do not need and can sell.



Jedi Knight
I installed the rear disc kit from Cape. It comes complete with everything you need, whereas the Dennis Welch kit leaves many parts for you to make yourself. Not really my idea of fun.

The Cape kit is pretty well sorted and gives you a just good enough e-brake to pass the 10% grade test for the MOT here in HK.

I love the rear kit on the BJ8 and has definitely improved the total balance of braking on the vehicle. The car stops very well, but the rears never lock first, so it's nicely balanced.
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