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Dashboard Interchange: Alpines


Jedi Trainee
Will the dashboard out of my '67 Alpine parts car fit into my '63 Series III? How difficult is it to remove the dashboard?


Jedi Warrior
It will fit as they are basically the same.The roll trim at the bottom of the dash must first be removed. It is held in place at three points which are easy to see if you look under the dash. Th center cover piece under the steering column must be removed first.Undo the column holding bracket and to give you some room. disconnect the wireing. remove the screws holding the dash which you can see from the front and remove.The 63 is still positive ground and 67 is negative ground so you may want to use the 63 gauges.


Jedi Knight
Removing the dash will take several steps.

1 Remove the lower crash pad. It's fastened at each end at the door opening, under the steering column, and by two thru studs right above each side of the transmission tunnel.
2 Remove the steering column cowl and turn switch.
3 Remove the steering wheel. This may not absolutely need to be done but it sure makes things easier.
4 Remove the 4 screws securing the dash to the body, one on each side and two at the top inline with the lower crash pad studs.
5 Remove the switches and gauges. This might be done earlier in the process, it's up to you.
6 The dash should now drop partially free. You'll now need to reach in at the top and remove the slide switches for the heater/demister. They're 5/16 heads if they haven't been changed by a dpo. This can be a tight fit and you may not be able to see much. It'll take a wrench and socket or two sockets since it's a thru bolt with nut. There are three or four of them on the plastic dash.
7 Dash should now be able to be pulled free, although you might have to jiggle it around a bit.
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