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Cut-away B series engine...


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One of the coolest things at the Portland ABFM was the wonderful cut-away B-series engine made by Keith Ansell and Ken Synder. Keith has been around forever in the Portland area and is one of the old-time go-to people here. This engine had to take a LONG while to make and it had a crank on it to turn it. Every little spot had detail that revealed all aspects of the engine. It was amazing...

Each piston was different, with different compression types. In the second photo I shot you can see a hardened valve seat in place (and the guides).


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In these last two shots, you can see the other side of the engine (with tappets) with the cam (and oil pump drive). The last shot gives credit where credit is due...


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Great Pumpkin
I <span style="text-decoration: underline">love</span> stuff like that. Thanks!

Years ago I built an aluminum GEO Tracker engine cutaway like that for my students, but we tossed it when our program moved away from automotive to more mechanical engineering.

It reminds me of the cutaway MGB GT that BMC used to use in various car shows.


Mickey Richaud

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That IS great! Would love to see it "in person".

Can it be put in motion? THAT would be fantastic!

Thanks for posting it!


Edit: Oops - just went back and read the part about the crank.


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A first-rate job by Keith and Ken. First one I saw like that was in the "Industrial Arts" office of the high school, about 1954 - 55. Pretty sure it was a 6-cylinder Hudson engine, cut away like this MG engine. Might even have had an electric motor to turn it - can't remember that part, but it helped to turn me to 'the oily side'.


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I really like how they mixed and matched different pistons, tappets and other things found on these engines. The one thing Keith told me they had to change was to use wimpy valve springs because it was too hard to crank otherwise.


aeronca65t said:
I <span style="text-decoration: underline">love</span>

It reminds me of the cutaway MGB GT that BMC used to use in various car shows.


There is another half of that MGB-GT. Last time I saw it, it was across the hall from that half at the BMIHT museum in Gaydon. I was told that they were made for an Earl's Court show and that the display stand would rotate, as the stand rotated the split MGB-GT would start pushed togehter and then split apart to show all the innards. Supposedly when it was closed up you couldn't see the split from the edge of the stand, you had to get right up next to it to even see the line.
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