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Cunningham D Type Jaguar


Jedi Knight
I have the opportunity to purchase a barn find D type Jag. This car is perportedly a replica built from a Cunningham campaigned car and bears the number plates from that car. It has a very well done steel substructure "frame" and a fiberglass body made from a buck developed by the Cunningham crew. One other body was made and is rumored to be in NY somewhere. The bucks have long ago been lost. This car comes with two Cunningham power plants, all drive train bits and suspension. Aluminium firewalls and many other fabricated parts supposedly correct for the car are also included. I know this is not a "real" Jag D but seems to be very complete. The owner just died and his son is clearing out a garage and yard full of British cars he had collected for over 40 years. My questions are many but for now I would like to hear general comments from those knowledgable of the D types as to what the general construction was, if someone knows of this "lost" car and what I should offer for this interesting little project. I will go back and take photos and get numbers on my next trip to "the barn". The place is piled high with goodies and to identify what goes with what is proving to be a major task. So far we have a complete Sebring Healey Sprite. Whoooo hoooo!!

Bruce Bowker

Obi Wan
What a find. Sounds like a lot of fun going though it all. And that Sebring Sprite!!!

No idea what the Cunningham D type is worth of anything else about it. But it certainly must have historical value.



Senior Member
I am very familiar with D-Types and " big Jags". I campaigned a C-Type for 10 years and now have a longnose D. I have been involved with those who know all there is about the cars for the last 15 years. The story sounds a little fishy, but who knows. The numbers on the head and the look of the parts will tell for sure. The only "Cunningham" copy I am aware of is with Bill Phol Jr. The car has a Cunningham engine head with a replica car built up around it. I am not aware of any others, however who knows?!

I am currently in Monterey for the Pre-Historics and Historics if you have the chance to come to Monterey maybe we should meet and talk, There will be some other friends here that are considered the world experts on the C and D types I can introduce you to them if you wish. I would be happy to help if I can. You can email me at: doctorjohnson@msn.com


John S Farrington

Jedi Warrior
I am not a D type fountain of knowledge but all of them had aluminum bodies and XK engines usually with triple side draft Weber or Solex carburetion. However interesting this find might be, I would go cautiously since it is not an original version. The offer by Gregl sounds like you should take the time to gain knowledge from this connection particularly about values of retros or kit cars. It certrainly sounds like a great "barn" find and good luck.


Jedi Knight

Thanks for your kind replies and thanks for the offer. I will be at both the pre-historics Sat-Sun and camping at the historics Thu-Sun. I am sending my cell number under private email. I look forward to meeting. I will try and get some photos to see just what we have. The car is located near Santa Cruz.
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