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TR2/3/3A Crank Pulley


Jedi Hopeful
When reinstalling the crank pulley after having the timing cover off (replaced gasket and seal), should the crank shaft/pulley have any sealant applied to it. It seams reasonable to think oil could seep between pulley and shaft. If so what should be used. I don't want to glue the two together and make them impossible to come apart.


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
You shouldn't need anything there, the joint gets clamped very tight when you tighten the big, long bolt. Oil shouldn't be able to make it's way even in to where the hub fits onto the shaft.

But it also wouldn't be impossible to get off if you did glue it together. On my previous TR3A, the crank nose was worn undersize (from the hub coming loose and not being noticed for a long time), so I used Loctite "Circular parts mount" to restore the fit. It took a bit of creativity to hook up a puller to it, but it popped right off once I did. I put a spacer through the center of the crank, and long bolts from the puller through the holes that hold the pulley halves to the hub.


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If you are concerned, you might try some heavy grease like wheel bearing grease for disc brakes. The stuff should get trapped in there and create a seal.
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