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cool air intake pix


Jedi Warrior
hehe the botom filtr..... the filter itsself came apart and fell off while driving 50mph. crapy filter so i got a much nicer one and went to the advance auto and got some exhaust pipes that were prebent in sections and jsut put them together. the stock air filter assy is complete except for ther part that sucks up hot air next to the exhaust and i just attatched the first pipe where that piece was and rotated it a little a that was what i came up with. and my car is a daily driver. my only car. and it gets driven in the rain all the time


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ok. just had to throw that in there about the splash shield/bypass valve, cuz i've seen way too many instances of people routing their filters down there and then sucking up a rain puddle and, well, the engine doesn't like that very much, obviously


Jedi Warrior
https://community.webshots.com/album/129331308VoeHCi i for those of you that hadnt head what happend to my previous one. to make a long story short it fell off going 50mph. and now the new one i just made is on and alot better than before. before i did anything with the stock config. for the zs it would start loosing power at about 4000-4500 rpm and now it pulls strong up to about 5500-6000. wow and all for $45. tell me what you think

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ahhh yes the good ol' homemade air intake mod

...the upper section, not the one down underneath, did you modify another car's intake for that, or did you make your own tubing and put on a conical filter?

and this probably doesn't have any value, but if you drive in the rain, watch out for puddles with the bottom one. (i'm assuming you already knew that, but some people don't think about that).

AEM has a bypass valve they offer for their systems that eliminates (to a certain extent) the chance of hydrolock if your filter sucks in a puddle.

but alternately you could always install a splash shield, which would also help prevent the filter from sucking up the hotter air right above the pavement.

i say this all assuming you even drive your car in the rain, i forgot i am on a site where a lot of these cars are not daily drivers


Freshman Member
Another idea that would be more resistant to hydrolock would be to make a "box" or plemeum around the filter. With the filter located on the carbs in its stock location. Then run the cold air piping from the box to the undercarriage. Plus the filter stays cleaner thus better filtering and the advantage of cold air.


hah! hate to bump up such an old thread, but I remember within the past few months someone was asking about cold air intakes (was it EMGEEBEE?). I thought about doing something similar to this to my '76, but I don't know what to do about the manifold. I need to retain the EGR for Cali emissions... but I want to get a set of headers at the same time... Maybe I'll have to invest in a mini-arc welder and try my hand at fab'ing the necesary mount on the exhaust for the EGR...

This is an interesting mod to RB intakes for those keeping the ZS carb, this thread is well worth hanging onto IMO. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
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