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Cold galvanizing zinc spray


Jedi Hopeful
Country flag
I just purchased a mild steel tailpipe for my Healey I thought about using this coating on this any thoughts, ideas what I should use? Thanks Bob


Luke Skywalker
Country flag
I had a friend who used it on boat anchors. He loved the stuff but it was zinc paint as far as I could tell. Any paint hat will stand the heat will prolong the appearance of e3xhuast parts so the cold galvanizing should work as well as paint (I haven't checked it's resistance to heat). I did my BMW muffler in high temp black more than a year ago and it's still black with no visible rust. However, it's only preserving the appearance as the exhaust corrodes from the inside out, at least that's my experience.


John Kuzman

Jedi Trainee
I have had excellent results with this stove paint. Used it on a header and complete exhaust system three years ago and still looks the same today.



Great Pumpkin
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We used cold galvanizing spray to touch up galvanized bolts on exposed steel beams for buildings. It worked great, but if it got hit with a torch, it would blister. The stove paint that Mr. Kuzman mentions is a cost savings and reliable finish. It comes in various colors also. PJ


Great Pumpkin
Country flag
LPS used to offer a good product, no clue if it still exists.


Jedi Hopeful
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Just sprayed the tailpipies last night with industrial zinc coating ,not on the muffler or down pipies will see what happens,just don't want to see the new pipes rust, went on good and even, I know sprayed it heavy in some places it didn't run
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