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Cockpit Floor Heat Shield


Jedi Trainee
I looked at many of the prior posts and could not find the answer to the following.

Is the under floor insullation (above the exhust) on a BN1 correct? I can't seem to find any indication that BN1's had this installed....

Suggestions or opinions are always welcomed.



Jedi Knight
My BN1 is nov 29 '53 body 860, had no insulation at all!, long time ago I lagged downpipe with asbestos lagging, but nothing under seats or underneath, and no attachment holes to support it having ever been there,and this a direct to Australia car, my seats had the choice of 3 bolt down positions short, shorter or even shorter legs!
No slide adjustment, just the very thin pine packers, and bolted direct to the floorpan
There is now a cement type sheeting which you can fit
to firewall and to underside of floor, not a believer its an original concept tho


Jedi Warrior

When I bought my 55 (halfway done to concourse specs) he had the black "tar paper" under the front seat, which I believe is correct.I added insulation to this(aluminum backed roll from Moss and cut it to the carpets dimension. I am not going to go for gold etc. and wanted coolness and noise reduction.. I have only driven the car 100 miles since it is winter but I am very pleased with the quietness of the car. All my previous Healeys have been 3000 or Bugeyes...this is my first 100 and I REALLY like it better than nay other Healey I have owned.

There is NO asbestos sheeting UNDER the floopans above the exhaust like on a 3000..hence my decision to insulate ABOVE the floorpans.

Hope this helps..


Dave Russell

Yoda - R.I.P
Hi Michael,
Moss lists the heat shield here as item #81, not original on the Fours.

It has small cutouts for seat mounts, exhaust hangers etc. & fits perfectly. Makes a very worthwhile reduction of floor temperature. I would accept a small reduction of Concours points any day for the increased comfort.

With the shield painted the same color as the floor, body color, it's barely noticeable.


Jedi Trainee
Thanks to all of you on the replies, I'm going to leave it off for now, vut keep it handy in case the foil insullation in the cockpit is not enough.

Pete, great to hear you opinion on the 100, I really went back and forth on a 100 vs a 3000 and so far I'm glad i started on this model.

Cables and a battery is all that's needed to get to a point where it can be started and driven as a chassis only....

I'll update all once I get to that point for sure!

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