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Clean behind the Grill on a 100


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Now that the driving season is winding down, I'm starting to clean my cars for their winter naps. Behind my grill, in the empty space, it got pretty dirty. How can I get behind there and clean it? My thought was to remove the grill, but I'm not sure how to do that. Any ideas? Pictures even?? Thanks!
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The grille removes easily after you unfasten from the inside the--five I think--nuts that secure the corners and top edge. You can do this through the wheel wells.

If your car is an overheater, esp. in traffic, now would be a good time to consider an electric fan that fastens to the braces in front of the rad. You will have to remove the vertical divider which serves no purpose other than preventing one's seeing "airspace" through the wheel openings when viewing the car from the side.


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Michael is exactly right, I will only add that if you can get a squirt of WD40 or PBblaster on the nut and stud before removal so much the better, as it is possible to break the studs off (you can probably figure out how I know.

You can get in there by turning the front wheels to full lock so you can get your arm in there, a racheting wrench works well for this job.



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Thanks Guys!
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