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Check those splines!

Saw a prime example of spline failure yesterday...

One of the registrants here at BritishV8 had the splines on a front hub fail.

I was right behind him; saw something shiny bounce on the road and go off into the side brush. Thought he hit a beer can....but just a couple of seconds later, his right front wheel came flying off.

Fortunately, we were only going about 30mph (opposed to the 70mph we had just been travelling).

We found both the wheel and the knock-off (that was a stroke of luck!) and got the car reassembled.

Minor damage to the rotor and dust shield...


In less than 1/4 mile, the knock off loosened again.

The splines on the hub are shot; the splines inside the wheel are shot.

He was VERY lucky.

Check those splines on a regular basis.

New hubs = new wheels in most cases.


Mickey Richaud

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Thanks, Rick - one more item that's often overlooked/taken for granted.

Other than that, hope all are enjoying the event!



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I'll admit that this is a big reason why I didn't want wire wheels on my B, no matter how cool they look. Yikes!


Jedi Knight
Besides that is the possibility of them failing under emergency stopp conditions leaving you with less than 4 wheel brakes. And if it happens on a front, the car will jerk towards the still functioning side.

I keep several hubs with varying degrees of wear in my garage to show people what worn out looks and feels like.


Great Pumpkin
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I was very fortunate when I bought my 55 TF, as the hub splines are in very good condition, wheels included. If needed, expensive to replace, but could be life saving! Can't put a price on that! PJ
MikeP said:
I keep several hubs with varying degrees of wear in my garage to show people what worn out looks and feels like.

I would consider it a Public Service Announcement if you were to take some pictures and post them!

I **think** Moss has a picture of some badly worn splines that I've seen someplace.


Great Pumpkin
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Found these,

Moderately bad spline.

Very bad spline.

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