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Bumper help 1965 SPRITE


Jedi Warrior
My wifes 1965 Sprite really needs new bumpers the back one the chrome is bad and is bent.

Should I get it fixed If I can?
Buy new?
Or find a good used one?
Or just lose rear bumper?

The front just needs overriders.



Staff member
Country flag
i like loose the bumpers (even though I've installed mine) - I have a lead on a chroming company if you need it


Jedi Warrior

Do they also that out bends in bumpers?



Great Pumpkin
Country flag
Bends, holes, etc. Make em like new.

tony barnhill

Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
& it was less expensive than buying the entire setup new....still expensive though.


Staff member
Country flag
my friend Larry has a guy in TO, that if you do it through him - no tax.

can find out who if you are interested.
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