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Bugsy's Final Goodbye


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Last Saturday, Alan Fisher arrivedat my house in Dayton after a 14+ hour trip from Rhode Island to pick up Bugsy my '68 Sprite. After 12 years of ownership, I need to make room for Bugsy II, a '59 Sprite in a Box from Toronto. Bugsy was a great friend and fun companion on one adventure after another. He taught me about Spridgets, enhanced my problem solving ability, and allowed me to meet a great group of friends along the way. I'm suddenly without a LBC in my life but staying busy starting to clean out the garage for Bugsy II, source parts for the 210 Transmission which came in partial trade, and organizing in my mind a step by step plan on putting Bugsy II back together. 10 years ago I put together a plan. Restore Bugsy, drive the heck out of him and enjoy every minute. Search for the right BE Project, and sell Bugsy to fund the restoration of the BE. I found the right BE Project and Bugsy's sold. On APril 6 a trip to Toronto to bring Bugsy II home.

A picture of Bugsy the day he came home 12 years ago, and another when he left last Saturday. God Speed Bugsy, I wish you many more happy miles of smiles.

Bugsy Coming Home II.jpg03 09 13 Bugsy goes on the road 001.jpg


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Well done Jim, little Bugsy is off to a new great adventure -- as are you, with your pending Bugeye project. I've already got my chair ready and a drink at hand to follow along as you work on Bugsy II. :cheers:


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Thanks, Jim, for all the useful information posted about that little car. I sure enjoyed reading your posts and eagerly await the arrival of the new baby.



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Thanks guy. It takes the collective wisdom of this list to stop the need to reinvent the wheel. Also speeds up the restoration process.
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