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Bugeye Fuel Gauge


Jedi Warrior
In need of a Bugeye fuel gauge. Smith # FG 2530/31, BMC # 2A 9069 . If possible would need a workable replacement with excellent bezel, lens, fascia.



Jedi Trainee
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Blue - I've got a 2530/64..looks like a BE gauge to me, likely came from a 948cc MKII (bought a few parts buckets over the years). It's not from a 1098cc MKII, that much I know.
It needs a cleaning (dusty) but it's all there..if you know how to test it out of a car..I can try to see if it works.


Jedi Warrior
Thanks Devin, I’m realizing how difficult Bugeye’s fuel gauges are to obtain right now! Yesterday I decided to send the original off to have it restored, I should have it back in a few weeks…
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