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Bugeye bonnet hinge bolt head busted off - ideas?


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One of my hinge bolts for the bonnet is rusted pretty good. I torched it at both ends, put on my ratchet, started to feel like it was loosening up, and the head snapped off. Anyone have ideas on how to proceed from here?
Do you mean the pivot bolt?


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Scuff the area where broken head was, then mig weld a nut to shank of bolt, making sure you have a good weld by filling the entire hole of nut with fillet, high heat!! Fillet must lay to shank of bolt first or nut will sheer off. After cooled apply heat to the threaded side of hinge apply PB Blaster generously, let it soaked in overnight. Next day heat the area up again at the threaded side of hinge then quench with ice water spray while you unscrew from welded nut.


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Yes, it is the pivit bolt, Trevor. The problem is that the bolt head busted about 1/2" inside the hinge. I don't think I could get a nut welded on without welding it to the body. There is about 3/8" of thread sticking out at the opposite end. I thought about welding a nut there, but since the rest of the bolt has no threads, I would only be able to move it so far unless I cut through the body to remove the rest of the bolt first. I have busted off three bolts on this car just using a ratchet-any tips in general for not breaking screws an bolt to begin with?
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Liberal doses of PB Blaster or something stronger like Acetone/ATF 50/50 Mix. I've got the same issue with a broken bumper suport bolt broken off at the frame ends. Can't get in there to weld to pull it out as bolt is broken off just below surface. I do not think that one is threaded and I may be able to get out with some drilling from the opposite side.

The idea of front hinging may be getting a little more thought.
Start drilling the threaded end. Since you are going from that end you may get luck and the drill might bite and turn the bolt.


Darth Vader
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Thanks for the hinges and bonnet supports-and at such a great price, Paul. It was nice to meet you and see your projects. Back on the homefront-Finally got the bolt out after a few hours. Welding nuts back in the bonnet and it should be back together tomorrow. Thanks again everyone for your suggestions and help.
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