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T-Series Britfest MG


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Hello MG forum members,
All my previous posts have been on the Austin Healey Forum as I have a AH,so I spend most of my time there.Hidden in my garage is a 1970 MGB getting close to its start of rebuild.I see more time at this site comming.Now on to my question.On saturday at the New Jersey Britfest there was a 1930s Boat tail open wheel MG.This was a great looking car but only there for a short time.In fact when I went back to look it over it was gone.Does any one know any thing about this car?


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Sometimes people guard their rare cars and don't drive them much or take them to shows much - in a way I don't blame them as well.

There is a 1925 Frazer Nash chain-drive roadster up here near Toronto, fully restored (beautiful car!) I have only seen it twice, once back in 1999 at the Bronte Creek Park British Car Day in September - my picture turned out kind of crappy, I was a rookie then.

Then last summer I was at a small local show almost getting ready to leave when the guy drives up in the same Frazer Nash (at 1:00 in the afternoon). This time I got a good picture of it. I also talked to the owner, he said that he doesn't get it out much to show off.


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It was a "K" type.....I went back to take a picture of it, and it was gone also....guess they didn't stick around long.

Last year they also had a pre-war MG, but I believe it was a different car. Here's a picture of a similar car:


There was also a nice red MGB (Kim's) and a nice Sprite (mine)!

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