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Box Spridget fiberglass front end - front mounting


I'd like to DIY a front mount for the fiberglass front end we have.
I've seen various kits for around $150 however I always like doing things myself whenever possible.
So - is there a simple way to do this?


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Let me get some pics this weekend. But my speedwell bonnet came attached to a midget tub via some wooden door hinges and a theaded rod. The rod went though the front frame rail and then through the 1/2 hinge. The hinge was bolted to the lower portion of the valence.

If you have some links to other methods I would sure like to know as I have the bonnet almost ready for paint and want to use the best possible method to attach it.


Looking at the archives on an infamous spridgety list gave me some ideas.
Here are a couple pictures:


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  • 28437.gif
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Some one used the rubber blocks that mount a spridget sway bar as a hinge point.
That is they just use the blocks and bracket mounted to the bonnet.
Such a mount would eliminate any rattleing.
Had a BE that had homemade brackets bolted to the bumper mount holes on the frame and a rod running thru the normal BE front end latch rod holes. Worked very well.



Kurt, those are both very interesting ideas!


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Take a look at Gerard's Web Site. Blueprints are there for Front Tilt Bracket Set you can easily make and likely modify to fit a SWA Bonnet. I use SS Draw Latches from the McMaster Carr Catalog. Easier to fit than Spitfire Latches 2 small screwholes.
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