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Bondo valance to fenders?


Jedi Knight
i was considering bondoing the fenders to the valance on the front of the car under the grille.....other than taking it apart, which i plan to never do again, does anybody have a good reason to not do it......would look alot nicer ...zimmy


Jedi Knight
Country flag
Cracking. How about lead or lead-free body solder? Not hard to do.

Very hard to lead those since they are "upside down".

Don't do it Zimmy. At some point you may be forced to take them apart. Anyway, if I was looking to buy a midget and saw that joint filled, I would be very hesitant.


Jedi Warrior
I put seem sealer in the crack, I kind of like the look of the seam. I also filled the bumper holes as I am not putting the front or rear on my 65.



Those seems let the car breath, let dust and air in and out. I think they help keep it from rusting up there but I could be wrong. My PO filled in the spaces over the arcs and this caused major rust. I would leave the gaps.


Country flag
Agree with all the above. You'd have to be really good to do lead and, with the joint under it, the bondo will crack in short order.


Jedi Knight
If you were to body fill it I would reco. seam weld it first and try to grind it smooth. But trust me when that motors gotta come out it is so nice to tear apart that mid section. (I converted my 1500 to the early bolted style just for that reason)
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