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BN1/BN2 Clutch linkage


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Can anyone tell me the correct (stock) length of the adjustable connecting rod in the clutch linkage? I am wondering if the rod on the car now (it is new and was installed by a restorer) is too short. I have been trying to adjust the free play in my clutch pedal. It was at about two inches (which made shifting a bit dodgy). I managed to bring the free play down to about 1.25 inches but have run out of room for further adjustments because the rear adjusting nut is now all the way back at the end of the rod. The car is shifting fine now. Maybe I should leave well enough alone, but I think the manual says free play in the pedal should only be about 11/16 of an inch.

BTW, the car is a BN1 but at some point before I bought it someone put in a BN2 transmission. Don't know if that makes any difference.

Many thanks.



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I have to admit the clutch release on my 100 worked fine the whole time I owned it, so I didn't have to mess with it except for when I pulled the tranny or motor, which fortunately was only once each. But with all mechanisms like this the various components in the linkage wear and cause further play. It looks like some of the parts including the lever on the clutch and the pedal assembly, depending upon where the wear occurs the minute wear can be exaggerated in overall clutch pedal play. I would suspect that is you culprit as much as the new part. As I mentioned mine worked fine for my 10 years of ownership, never measured the actual play. You can either use it as is or try to track down the extra play, or if none see what Moss will do about the part if it is in fact the problem (and I am not dismissing that as a possible problem, it certainly happens).


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Thanks. I will check for play in the other parts of the linkage. You now have me suspicious that the lever that attaches to the operating shaft may have some "extra" play in it. But I'm still curious what the stock linkage length is. I am toying with the idea of "upgrading" to something like the following (assuming I can get the right length) which looks like a superior design: https://www.jbfab.net/cgi-bin/miva?...reen=CTGY&Store_Code=JCFCS&Category_Code=Link



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You might want to look at "tomsimport.com" it has all the adjustments along with grease fittings so you reduce the wear. I put one on my BN-1 with a 4 speed transmission. The car is not on the road yet, but it appears to be much better than the factory setup.

Good Luck,


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Hi Fury 5,
You should have plenty of length on the rod to play with. There should only be eleven sixteenths of an inch free play in the pedal. Could the operating lever be installed back to front? The hole that engages with the operating shaft is not in line with the lever but rotated some degrees. Also the throw-out bearing (carbon thrust or release bearing, not sure of American terninology) could be near the end of its life.
The pivot shaft can also deteriorate, causing lack of useful travel.
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