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BMC registry

Skip & Lynne

Jedi Warrior
I have forgotten the address to get the paperwork on my Healey. It was BMC trust of something like that does anyone know rhe web side address. Thanks Skip


Great Pumpkin
Country flag
HI Skip, Don't Have addy at Hand but you can search; BMC Heritage Trust to get it,---Keoke


Jedi Hopeful
While we're on the subject...I've got the certificate for my bj8 and all the numbers match except for the transmission which was 2 digits off. I've been told that it's because the factory might have pulled a tranny off the line, here or there, for a warranty replacement. Has anyone heard of such a thing?

Skip & Lynne

Jedi Warrior
got another question I have 2 data plates on my firewallone is the obvious large Austin Healey plate with the car type and number on it HBT7L/1502 and there is another one right above where the temp gauge capillary runs through the firewall and all it has is a number stamped on it and it is different 3015 BT7L 1233 can anyone give me any ideas.

Alan Alfano

Freshman Member
The other number tag is the Body Number plate.
The Body Number plate is plain aluminum upon which is stamped a four-digit number followed by a number of up to five digits. A prefix "JM" or a suffix "L" may also be present, and later cars also have the type designator e.g.: "BJ7", "BJ8", etc. Some late BN7 and BT7 tri-carbs may have the appropriate designator on the body number tag.

The four-digit number designated the Austin purchase order number and the following number designated the Jensen production body number.

The second set of digits on the body number plate, those designating the Jensen production body numbers


Great Pumpkin
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Hi skip, it was not uncommon for dealers to replace major components in the cars under warranty have an owner here with one that had a complete engine replacement.--FWIW---Keoke


Jedi Knight
While on this subject, does anyone know of where i can get a replacement plastic ID plate from/made?, early BN1's had this on the passenger firewall


Great Pumpkin
Country flag
While on this subject, does anyone know of where i can get a replacement plastic ID plate from/made?, early BN1's had this on the passenger firewall

[/ QUOTE ] No I do not know of a source there must be one though as most concourse cars have them ,while on some owner cars the tags have been lost along the way.---Keoke
Just a thought if you have a sample maybe a Trophy shop could make you one.?

Michael Oritt

Country flag
While on this subject, does anyone know of where i can get a replacement plastic ID plate from/made?, early BN1's had this on the passenger firewall

[/ QUOTE ]

Go to: www.clarkespares.com


Darth Vader
Check my recent Post "Colorado Grey??" illustrates how sometimes they can get it wrong.
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