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Hi, I need some help pleasešŸ™ˆ. I recently bought a 1960 Wolseley 6/99 with a couple of extra gearboxes. I am having a challenging time trying to identifying the boxes. I have been looking for days now and I've not got any further. The box in the car is the 3 speed column shift with a Borg-Warner overdrive, but the gearbox has a problem in third gear. I want to overhaul one of the spare gearboxes but I can't identify which is the right one. I've looked up every number possible on the boxes from casting numbers to stamped numbers to plate numbers and keep coming up empty. Is there a website, search engine I can try? These are the numbers on the boxes:

Box 1 ) Type 29-0-3 Casting AEC3424, Stamp 2080, Casting number 10Ko, Overdrive serial number 42898.
Box 2 ) Type C 29 A, Casting AEC3174, Stamp B 4874 D, Casting number 26C8 W10, Overdrive serial number 27764

The second box is a 4 speed (I think - haven't opened it) column change

I haven't pulled the box that's currently on the car, I was hoping just to do a swop

I am assuming the boxes are BMC gearboxes - looking for any type of drawings (the drawing in the Wolseley workshop manual is pretty basic), any parts lists, any info to point me in the right direction.

Thank you:love:


Great Pumpkin
Hi Kelly - until you hear from BCF members about your gearbox questions, you might try one of the Wolseley clubs:

Hang in there!
Tom M.


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Hi Kelly - until you hear from BCF members about your gearbox questions, you might try one of the Wolseley clubs:

Hang in there!
Tom M.
Thanks Tom, I have had a mail from someone which is great, sending me off in the right direction. I have also just signed up this weekend to the Wolseley FB page as well so will definitely be asking questions there as well. Thanks for your help, greatly appreciated
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