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BJ8 Top Frame Bumpers


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When the rag top is raised on the Mk 3 Healey, the top frame sits on a pair of rubber bumpers, 1 on each side, just behind the seats. I have not seen these for sale anywhere, nor are they mentioned in the BMC parts manual. I will try to make a pair of them out of "wheel arch buffers". Before doing that, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with them.


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That does not ring a bell with me hope others can help U.


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It seems that a photo might help. In this image, the driver's door is the bottom left, and the left rear fender is the bottom right. The odd-shaped shiny thing in the middle of the photo holds the piece of rubber in question. There is a split rivet through the middle of it, and underneath is all that remains of the rubber bumper, which once existed on the top side as well. The bracket is attached to the chrome piece in the lower right by 2 small screws. The exact thing, in mirror image, exists on the other side of the car. I should add that this is a 1967 model, and this part might or might not exist on older BJ8s.


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OK Go to the next post " The Man in command " then select MEDIA there will come up a set of pictures of a BJ8 bare top frame on a red BJ8 U will see them there.


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Well the description of this part is a little vague, but check out part # 682-110 on Moss' site.


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Hello James. Those are Shut Pillar Seals. As a unit (aluminum arm, rubber buffer and rivet) Moss sells #803-875. Two photos attached from Moss site.

The rubber buffer is the same as used on the front rain rails, Moss #031-359 about $1 and as you pointed out, the wheel arc buffers.
I used these and cut them to custom fit.
I used a rivet with a washer being I have rivets, vs using the split type washer which is correct.

I believe the purpose of that rubber buffer is to make a seal. You may find bending the arm to position it for best fit maybe helpful.


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