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BJ8 Overdrive Switch on gear leaver top


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I have in the past seen BJ8`s like mine (well one anyway) with the overdrive switch on the top of the gear lever and wondered if I could fit one to my car.

The switch I have seen is a slider actually fitted to the top of the gear knob - not the additional `rally style ` one which can be attached to the existing lever stem.

The owner of the car I looked at said it was a complete gear lever from a Truimph TR6.

They seem to be difficult to find but more easily availbe (here in the UK) are later MGB gear levers which have a similar configuration. Photos seem to show that the actual working end with the ball joint is very similar to that of the Healey. Does any one know if a MGB gear lever will fit a Healey.
(must have too much time on my hands in a snowy UK)
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Anything is possible, just depends on your determination. Having once had a 78 MGB with the type of shift knob/ovd switch you're referring to, I'd say it could be adapted.

Rather than use an MGB lever, I'd modify the top of a Healey lever (needs a groove for the wiring to pass out the bottom of the knob). It would be a simple operation for anyone with a milling machine, but could also be done with careful use of a 4" grinder (or even a Dremel). You'd also havs to verify that the thread is the same diameter & pitch.

I suspect that the fulcrum ball on the bottom of the MGB lever is smaller than the Healey's, but I have enough parts around here that I can test that assumption; just give me a while...


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You could think about 'cutting and shutting' the Triumph shifter to the Healey base. Cut the Triumph shifter long enough that it is below the rubber gaiter, cut the Healey shifer to desired length and then turn up a double ended steel adapter with the maximum lengths possible, make sure everything is absolutely clean and use an advanced structural acrylic adhesive like Loctite H8500 Speedbonder. Don't forget to bring the switch wire out at a suitable place.


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