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BJ8 door trim

tahoe healey

Country flag
The chrome on the door seemed to be loose so I pulled it off. The PO held it in place with some kind of putty. Not a problem since I hadn't noticed it for years. But it seems a little too Mickey Mouse. How is it suppose to be held on? It slips on and seems to click in place but moves easily with out the putty.

Dave Russell

Yoda - R.I.P
I think that the door top moldings are held on with clips such as moss #326-175. The same type of clip is used to hold some of the weatherstrip. Maybe the PO didn't want to spend $.40 each for the clips. If you do have the clips maybe they are bent & need to be replaced.


Jedi Trainee
It's been a while since I had this apart. As I recall there are approx five spring clips that hold the outer weather strip to the chrome. The clip is shaped to fold back over itself so that the other half can slip over the top lip of the door. The clips have teeth that bite into the door lip to hold the chrome in place. A rope caulk strip goes between the back of the chrome and door. At the front a small screw goes through the chrome and door from the inside under the door panel.

John Loftus

Darth Vader
Stretch is correct except there are 7 clips (I'm not relying on memory ... the trim is sitting here in the office) ... you can see the exact placement for the clips if you look at the rubber wiper/weather strip for the glass. The square detent areas on the rubber are the locations used for the clips. And thanks for the comment about the rope chaulk ... mine is long gone and will remember to add some during installation.

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