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Best way to remove very fine scratches in chrome windshield frame


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Replaced the glass in my Healey windshield last weekend and apparently got some very fine scratches ( can see but cannot feel them) in the chrome on the actual frame. Any suggestions on best way to polish these out ? Posted this on the Healey area too and got a suggestion for Mother's Chrome polish which I will try but what about jewelers rouge and a polishing buff used on a drill ? Don't want to make them worse but figure there must be some way to polish them out.


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I'd stick with the Mothers, and not too much rubbing with that. The chrome is quite thin (.00001) and it' s quite easy to buff through. The spot where you've polished will look dull after you've gone through the chrome to the thicker nickel layer under it. Tom


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Thanks Tom, I'll follow your advice along with the same from the Healey post too ! Last thing I want to do is make it worse as right now barely noticeable.
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