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Beautiful day for a drive


Jedi Trainee
A full cup of coffee, gloves and hat, and off I went. 170 miles into the mountains around Lake Beryessa. The engine started easily though cold, ran great all day. Steep uphills, long speedy pulls 70 or better and lots of twisty little back lanes. Mileage was excellent and the suspension felt fresh and tight.

Now with the EFI, engine temps don't get as high. I think that with the timing and mixture compromises in the pre EFI days, less efficient combustion was making more manifold/turbo heat. Under bonnet temps are lower now with the EFI and engine temps stay lower to the point that I'll be fitting an oil cooler thermostat.

What a nice day. Except for a slow-down for some biker bash in Cache Creek canyon, there was practically no one else on the road.



Staff member
Country flag
And I shoveled the driveway :cryin:


Jedi Knight
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It was a beautiful day! Here are some pictures of my brothers' new farming operation.


One dozen for $10.00. 40,000 bulbs planted

P.S. you've got a pm


Luke Skywalker
A bit nippy here in Jersey but I did take the newly completed 67 Sprite out for a serious drive.
I even talked my daughter into coming along as we turned up the 8 track and listen to Janis Joplin while we froze our ears off on a 38 mile round trip shake down run.
All was fine, new engine runs like it should, steering and suspension are just great, I probably could have swung out the rear end but I took it a bit easy because my daughter was with me when she says "Dad, why didn't you break the rear loose?"
Geez, a chip off the old block :smile:


Staff member
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Great to hear y'all got out. Nice this morning here, but snowing by evening.

Tunebug won't be driving for a while, but at least the new parts are starting to pile up.


Jedi Warrior
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It was a nice day in Denver for a drive too.....temps in the 70's! Unfortunately, I am still chasing carb issues and wasn't able to take the BE out. :frown:

Tomorrow we'll be getting Drew's bad weather......temps back down to the 30's with snow. Oh well.


Great Pumpkin
Country flag
Lovely day here, I spent it diging stumps. Gesh.


Jedi Trainee
A beautiful day here in Phoenix. Starting to jones because the Midget needs a throwout bearing and Glenn at the MG shop can't get to it till next week. Maybe I will play golf today.
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