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Post-War Other Basically the real problem is..


Luke Skywalker
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Hi guys
Sorry but I guess I just need to unload a bit......
From my last two posts I think it is clear that I have a few "technical" issues with my car (like the fact that I disassembled it)

I think the real problem is that I am just burned out. Yesterday I probably would have given it to any to anyone who could pick it up immediately.

So here is what I have:
70 Herald convertible ( a real convertible not a sedan with the roof unbolted)
I have owned it for a about 8 years. When I bought it, in my early state of ignorance, it looked decent, with some mechanical issues. Boy did I get an education in auto mechanics!

Since I bought it I have rebuilt the engine and needed to find a different block since it was so worn out, I needed to find a new engine head since there was a crack which someone had unsuccessfully tried to weld. Carb / dizzy ..EVERYTHING on the motor is basically like new. I found two more gear boxes to build one really good box. I replaced the diff... all of the chassis rubber bits... brakes NEW NEW NEW NEW....

Mechanically I have done just about everything possible to that car, and basically I am not worried about getting home.I have also spent WAY more than any rational person would EVER spend on a Herald. Not quite Rolls Royce territory but a fortune.

I have also along the way accumulated a tremendous stock of Herald parts. (about 3 years ago when I stopped buying parts the UK went into recession)

Now the problems with the car:

However along the way, the not so bad looking body work started showing all sorts of problem, mostly because all the paint started to explode and craze. It really is an eyesore at this point. The canvas roof fell apart... basically it looks one step up from an abandoned vehicle except it has a current registration and safety sticker (it passes our equivalent of MOT with no issues)

One side of the bonnet was always to high, and slightly off center, it turns out that at some point the car was in an accident and the bulkhead was remounted about 2" off center so to get the bonnet to line up properly in the back (gap space) it messes up the geometry on the side and front.

Also the doors have never closed properly. You have to lift them to get them to close and the locks are badly worn.

And the floors are rusted through in some areas...

The electrical system was also a nightmare of an birds nest put together the the DPO with no color scheme, logic or anything else. I have a used Lucas harness waiting to be put in easily repairable condition.

So about 2 weeks ago on my once every 7 year extended 1 month vacation, I decided to solve some problems First i tried to solve the bonnet, to do that I needed to loosen up the body, to re-alight the bulkhead. but it turns out someone had brazed the back and front parts of the body, and then more and more parts started coming off to solve this problem, then since I was already planning to replace the roof and electrics I took them out to make it easier... and since it was almost all apart anyway I took a bunch more stuff off to paint.

NONE of this would worry me, but I DON'T have a garage, it currently looks like a piece of garbage in my very little driveway, I don't have a roof over it, rainy season is almost here, and my vacation is basically being wasted by a little project gone crazy.

Frankly if I could put it away for 6 months and then restart and work 1 hour a each night I could turn it into a beautiful well functioning car. But I don't have a place, and rental prices are so high here that renting a place isn't an option (real estate here is on Manhattan levels, maybe higher)

Right now I don't even want to look at that car but of course I don't have a choice since it is stuck in my front door.

My options now seem to be 1. call the garbage man to tow it away; 2. try and sell; 3 start putting stuff back together, at which point it probably would be easier to sell, or at least drag out to the street for a while and continue in the spring.

Complicating this is my high pressure job, the kids, a father who is NOT healthy and really could use more assistance from me, very limited parking in my neighborhood which has gotten much worse in the last few years, and my wife who while she is an angel and has tolerated my toy doesn't really like or understand it.

As for parts, I have accumulated most of the expensive stuff needed, have all the really rare chrome bits for the hood which are missing on most cars, for the most part the body is damage free (except the floors of course) and the minor damage there can be repaired with small amounts of body putty (well within what would be considered professional)

The real problem is that I let my desire to "do the job correctly" get totally out of hand, and now I have a massive mess with no place to hide it, and very little desire (at least this week) to go out and work on it, all of which has put me under massive stress making it even worse. Last night I even suggested to my wife that we should advertise it for sale and just try and get rid of it ( I know it will be at a huge loss) and spent most of the night dreaming about what to write in the add.

I probably should just go outside now, clean off the front of the bulkhead, and go back to my original plan of spray painting it with a Rustoleum like paint (this is actually much closer to the enamel paint put on by the factory than modern paints) and bolt it back into place, but I am having a very hard time getting up ANY enthusiasm to do anything more with this car, and it is causing me major stress... Frankly I have the feeling that I messed up what would have been a "sell-able" car which at least two people has called in the last few months asking about (telling me it was looking really sad) unfortunately I didn't keep there names and numbers so I can't just call them.

Anyway thanks for listening to my stressed out babbling.


Darth Vader
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Can't count the number of times I've started projects and then wondered "what have I done." They are all finished. Little things along they way that were not quite right become invisible once it's all done, or left to do another day, maybe.
Go to the beach and sit for a couple days, regroup, then slap it back together with a vengeance. It's all fresh in your mind, fix what you can and let the rest go for now. The mechanicals are good so you know it'll go. Let others worry about how it looks, you can still enjoy driving it.
Keep it and you will always have a project. You have the bits. Kids will grow up, the job will end but you will still have your Herald.

Mickey Richaud

Staff member
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The perspective that a bit of time away from a tough project is invaluable.

Several times I threatened to throw in the towel. The Tourer is finished and looks and runs great. The GT is almost there - still has issues, and they are real stumpers. But it'll get done.

And this forum is invaluable for commiseration! We've all been there. Several times.


Luke Skywalker
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Seems like immediate problem is storage. Have you thought about an enclosed trailer? Don't know what they are worth in Israel but they're not too bad here. Here's one, just as an an example of course: https://www.ebay.com/itm/like/321112729411?lpid=82 You could probably get some investment back by selling the parts if you choose to abandon the project, although I like Richards suggestion of "slapping it together with a vengeance".


Luke Skywalker
Country flag
I can only imagine what my neighbors would say if I showed up with an enclosed trailer! This is a very crowded city.

Anyway what I really need was just a bit of commiseration with like minded folk. I was off in the industrial zone today and saw a nice Fiat 127 coupe driving and of course was a bit jealous and noted that the triumph's engine sounds better
Anyway, Sunday I think I will clean up the front of the bulkhead, spray some paint on and put it back in place. Painting everything else can wait but it is tough getting behind the engine. Then I can start putting stuff together....


Jedi Warrior
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I recommend that you buy a polyethalene tarp to cover the car when you are not working on it. Get one that will go all the way to the ground and set bricks around the edges to keep it from blowing off. Just take it off when you're working on the car and recover each evening. Not difficult and will keep the car fairly dry. You may have to replace the tarp every 2 or 3 years as they don't hold up well. But fortunately the Herald is not a large car so you won't need a large tarp. You may need to put a board (or two) across from the windscreen to the back desk to keep the tarp from gathering water in the center. If it will be covered for a long period of time, be sure to remove the tarp occasionally to let the ground dry under the car to prevent mildew or rust buildup.


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Why not try and find a place outside of the "high rent district"; you could move the pieces to a cheap storage facility and work on it when desire and enthusiasm levels return to normal.
If you took it apart, I know you have the skills to restore it properly.... find a place and get it in storage "for now" and you will not feel so stressed to complete the project so quickly.


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
FWIW, I feel your pain. I talked myself into buying a Sports 6 (the US version of the Vitesse, which as you know is just a Herald convertible with an orphan 1600cc 6 cylinder engine). It sat in the driveway for several years and continued to deteriorate while I accumulated parts (including two overdrives and a 2L motor from a GT6). I eventually (after driving one that had been restored) decided to sell it, and of course took a huge loss on the deal. Took several years to find anyone willing to even take the car away (although several made offers on the overdrives), and it was easily less than 1/6 what I had in the project.

There's a Stag sitting in it's place now, which may go the same way.

But, as my late wife put it, at least while I'm tinkering with the cars, she knows I'm not sitting on a bar stool somewhere. If you figure out the cost of those pints (and other things available at bars), maybe the loss isn't so bad. Might be a good point to make to your significant other, as well.

BTW, I also quit the high pressure job. One of the best decisions I've ever made, even though I walked away from nearly 6 months of severance pay. Money isn't everything.

Sorry about your Dad. "This too shall pass" and in the end it will be OK.

Geo Hahn

Country flag
Certainly no shame in walking away from a project that isn't right for you and where you are now.

It's easy to think about the financial cost of bailing but one should also consider the emotional cost of pressing on.

Sounds like you would be happier (and your situation better suited) to something you could enjoy driving. Even a good driver will give you plenty of opportunities to practice being a weekend mechanic.


Jedi Warrior
Sorry to hear such a heartfelt story, but it might serve as a reality check for others contemplating rebuilding a classic car.

For outdoors work we can buy a portable carport (like a tent roof on poles) which ties or pegs down for weather protection. Something like that in your driveway might help.

Restoring a classic car can be a long and painful struggle. But I can say after many rebuilds that it always fades away when you arrive at that glorious moment when you fire up and go for that first run around the block.

Hope you find some relief from those in the worldwide Triumph fraternity who have been there, and extend their support and best wishes.

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