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MGC Basic Information for locating identification numbers on MGC's or MGC-GT's


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New to the forum. Previously I owned a 1974 MGB-GT 4spd/overdrive Citroen in color. I currently own a 1968 MGC-GT Pale Primrose in color with the optional 3Spd Borg Warner Automatic transmission.

I found this site while trying to find the list of serial numbers to check a cars' year of manufacture and then found it in an old book I received as a Christmas present. There was a thread about 12 years ago concerning the VIN plate location. Unlike the MGB's most of the MGC's don't have one on the dash where it can be read without opening something up. Below is a description of the locations of various plate and what they are.

The Rectangular Silver label with rounded corners and with red painted background is the Commission G 52 N XXXXXXXX. It isn't used in the UK or anywhere but the U.S. apparently. The silver oval with black background is the VIN number for these cars. GCN-1 for roadsters and GCD-1 for GT's. The smallest rectangular label will be riveted on the slam panel or the front inside left fender and is the body number. They may be another VIN tag welded to the floor under the passenger seat or in that vicinity. My VIN is GCD1U3024G. G - MG, C - MODEL,D - COUPE,1 - FIRST SERIES BUILT, U - U.S. SPEC, 3024 - CAR NUMBER, G - BUILT IN ABINGDON.

Since the MGC came with either a 4spd, 4spd/overdrive or the Automatic there are many variations in what speedometer they have and what the rear end ration is on any given car. The book 'ORIGINAL MGC WITH MGC AND MGC GT V8' BY Anders Ditley Clausager;Bay View Books Limited, 1994 is a good source for information on the differences.

Look forward to talking MGC's to anyone who is interested. Bill:encouragement:

I belong to the AMGCRA, or American MGC Registry Association, the NAMGBR and the MGCAR club.


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You may have already received this answer elsewhere but....

The "C", like at least the early "B", has plates attached to the inside of the drivers side wing in the engine bay. My 69 CGT also has the federally mandated vin plate visible through the windscreen on the drivers side.


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